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In conjunction with work that was undertaken to strengthen and expand our infrastructure capabilities, a strong focus was raised around our IPV6 support. Historically we have not been able to offer IPV6 support in any of our environments, however I am pleased to announce that with immediate effect we will be offering IPV6 addresses on ALL hosting plans, both new and existing.

What we are offering?

We are now offering all clients 15 IPV6 addresses out of the box. This will now come default with all new orders, and existing clients just need to raise a support ticket in order for us to enable this on their VPS's. These IPV6 addresses will allow full network access and act as you would expect.

What are the limitations?

Unlike our IPV4 addresses, the IPV6 subnet we have is tied to the physical hardware our equipment runs on, as a result if we should need to upgrade / improve our hardware in the future, or if we need to migrate your VPS, your IPV6 addresses will be lost and new ones will need to be allocated to you. At the current time there is no way around this, and as such we will continue to offer IPV4 addresses as standard, and allow you to also purchase more of these.

What comes next?

We are looking at how we can improve this service, one way will be to look at if we can separate the IPV6 block we have from the dedicated hardware we run our servers on, this for us is a priority so we can minimize any disruption going forward.

We are also looking at how we might be able to split our allocation out into smaller blocks to assign to VPS's directly, that way you only assign an IPV6 to your machine if you need / want one rather than us doing it by default, this is something our team are investigating, but is running in slower time.

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