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Note: As of January 2016 we have discontinued using SSH keys to provide VPS Support. By contacting our ticket support desk you can opt to give us a username and password, or allow us to login through the root server.

To remove our support SSH key from your VPS follow these steps:

1) Log into your server via either SSH or SFTP/FTP

Follow the A for SSH and the B for SFTP/FTP

2a) Navigate to root/.ssh

3a) Using your built in editor (Either vim or install nano) open the authorized_keys file

4a) Using the arrow keys, navigate to the line that ends in "Superior-Networks Support Key" and delete until you get to the key before

5a) You are done, save the file and the key has been removed


2b) Navigate to root/.ssh

3b) Open the authorized_keys file in your editor of choice (Normally using right click and edit)

4b) Select and remove the key that ends in "Superior-Networks Support Key"

5b) You are done, save the file and re-upload it back to your server and the key has been removed.

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