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By default our Linux templates will allow you to access the server via port 22 over SSH. This knowledge base article outlines some of the ways you are able to connect.

Windows Clients

From Windows there are now a number of routes to access your server with an SSH Client, these are some of those routes.

Powershell Client

From Windows 10 onwards the new versions of Powershell support the ability to access your server over SSH. If you right click on the Windows taskbar icon (Start Button) and click "Windows Powershell" you will see a blue command prompt type window open. Within that window you can type the following to connect to one of your servers. Replace <Your Server IP> with your actual server IP.

ssh root@<Your ServerIP>

You will then be asked to confirm the authenticity of the host by typing "Yes" or "No" and then prompted for your password if you confirm it is authentic, from there you will be able to access your server.


KiTTY is a forked version of PuTTY which we can recommend as a good alternative to PuTTY for those who do not have access to or do not wish to use Powershell.

Information on how to download KiTTY Can be found here:!pages/


Other operating systems coming soon.

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